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Proqura Preview

Project Overview

About the company

Proqura is an easy to use e-procurement solution that enables companies to make their business procurement processes systematic, transparent, and efficient. Proqura covers the complete Procure-to-Pay process.

Scope and Constraints

I was asked not to do a major overhaul of the UI, as that was not something the Proqura team were looking to do right now.
Additionally, even the color and typography improvements were considerations, and I was to provide two variations of them, one using the older font and colors, and another one with the proposition I was making.

I also structured the files in a way so that changing the theme and fonts was as easy as a few clicks inside Figma.

The timeline set for this task was around a month from my end.

Users and Audience

Proqura is meant to be used by various personas, which reside in the following domains, senior managers, procurement officers, purchase managers and finance users.


  • UI Design Library including over 50+ components (including variants)
  • Colors and Typography Guidelines
  • 3-4 pages with components in use
  • Youtube tutorials to teach the Proqura Team on how to use the library and create pages


Design Library and 3-4 Views


Figma, Figjam


UX Designer (Research, Visual Design, Interaction Design)


Roughly 2 months

Problem Statement

The proqura team were looking for an improved and consistent design language for their product. Their design patterns were inconsistent, and the application wasn’t speaking the same visual language, and a lot of patterns weren’t consistently followed, while various UI elements were structured differently, and even being used inconsistently. The goal for the task was to provide a design library that was build around a consistent theme and language, and which also aligned with the actual proqura brand colors.

Project URL


Proqura Old
Roles and Responsibilities

My responsibilities included creating a design library that consisted of around 50+ components (including variants). I also had to provide new colors for these components matching the brand colors, and I also optionally provided an update on the font as well.

Another responsibility was to reconstruct 3-4 existing pages based on the design library, and also to teach others how to use the design library to do so.

For the coaching part, I created some youtube videos documenting my process of creating those pages so those videos can be referred to when using the library.

Proqura Component List

Process & What I did

We first outlined the various components that were needed.
Then I created a few components and constructed the Dashboard page with them.
I then went on to create the design library for the most part.
After that was done, and the proqura team approved of the components, I went ahead and started reconstructing some of the pages that the team gave me.

Proqura Design Library Full Preview